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First amp of the One-Off series by Marco Ferrari | SOLD

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Based on a classic EL84 quartet this amplifier features Power Scaling® technology to allows pushing the power tubes into natural distortion at any volume by controlling the amp wattage through a simple pot located on the front panel of the amplifier. This intelligent power management control, as well as allowing to produce the most natural overdrive tone in any use environment, also allows a significant increase in the power tubes life every time the amplifier is not used at maximum power. The preamp is equipped with a flexible 3-band EQ and a handy microswitch that allows to select from a full range voicing ideal for clean tones to a more controlled one for driving the amp into saturation. On the back of the amplifier there is also a "corrective filter" microswitch which if desired can be activated to gently soften the frequency response of the power amp on high frequencies. A surprisingly versatile single channel amp that can produce both beautiful clean tones (also suitable for pedals) but also the most authentic vintage overdrive a tube amp can offer. Definitely a simple but very versatile single channel amp.

Data sheet

Wood Premium 15mm Birch plywood
Output Power (RMS) 30W
Preamp tubes 3 x 12AX7
Channels Single channel
Power amp tubes 4 x EL84
Controls Gain, Treble, Middle, Bass, Power
Rectifier Solid state
Output impedance Selectable 8-16Ohm
Dimensions (cm) 50 x 24 x 22
Weight (Kg) 15